“The relationship of he and she is a mystery; the more you try to solve it, the more you get entangled”

He says that he prioritizes you,
But he doesn’t make you feel that.
He says that he cares and many times you feel this care;
He says that he adores you and you feel he adores you.
He says that he can do anything for you, it seems as if a dream.
This is the mystery of he and she.

“Confusion and uncertainty are a part of their journey”

He says he is ready to take you out of the pain but
He on the other hand becomes the cause of your pain.
He says he loves you and many times you also feel the same.
It is for sure that love is there but something somewhere is wrong and is being missed;
That something somewhere when diagnosed will work for your best chemistry.

When “he” remains “he”, “she” cannot fly.
When “he” remains “he” “she” is just a bundle at his footsteps.
For “she” to rise, the contribution of “he” is actually important.
But the “he” who is struggling with his own self can never provide her wings to fly.
In fact when ever she’ll take a ride,
He will pull her back.
This pulling back and moving forward will actually ruin both “he” and “she”
Neither of them will be understood by each other and
Will always keep on humming their own chorus;
This will lead to confusion and unhappiness,
So, both “he” and “she” need to work on themselves to
make this life a beautiful journey for each other and
most importantly for their own selves.

To solve this mystery of he and she
1. Spend quality time with each other :
Quality time is the time when you are not distracted in your thoughts by the pressure of your work, the stress of the family or any other issues. It is the time when you both are there for each other.

2. Listen to each other:
Listening to each other is sometimes the best solution to any relationship problems. Let your partner speak out his/her heart to you.

3. Find out solutions to the problems:
When you are optimistic, you will always try to seek solutions for a problem. This is what is desired. Think positive and be optimistic.

4. Healthy discussions should always be encouraged:
Ignoring any topic or lingering on the discussion can never be a solution to any problem. Have a cool mind for discussion and move forward.

5. Understand other’s perspective:
Till the time you don’t give importance to the perspective of another individual, you can never solve a problem.

6. Be honest in your relationship:
Honesty is the key to any success. Actually honesty is a mindset and it is very important to be honest in your relationship.

7. Let your love bond increase with the increasing age:
When your love index increases with your increasing age, life becomes beautiful and everything seems superb.


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