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Basic info
Name: Delaney Hartmann
Age: 15::season 1 16:: season 2 17:: season 3

Background story: Delaney & her mother Trish Hartmann decided to move to Hawkins, Indiana all the way from New York due to a terrible divorce Trish went through with her ex husband. In order to get a fresh start,Trish relocates to Hawkins with her youngest daughter while her oldest son stays behind for college. The small town of Hawkins will take some getting used to. Mostly everyone in town is interested in the Hartmann's life in the big apple. Little do they know, the trouble that is lurking in Hawkins. Delaney is happy about a fresh start & making new friends.


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Long Brown hair,fair skin, huge innocent eyes and a slight vintage look.


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Very introverted// shy// yet brave, optimistic, and a hopeless romantic. Has the ability to see the best in every situation. And very imaginative.

Best Friends

Nancy:: Delaney and Nancy are neighbors. Their mom's hang out often and they have developed a close bond.

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Johnathan:: Johnathan understands Delaney's rough past and has become a confidant/ big brother type.

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Steve & Robin

The Kids

stranger things, eleven, and finn wolfhard image Image removed Image removed caleb, stranger things, and gaten image


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Reading, music,baking,and dancing

Love Interest

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Bad boy Billy Hargrove