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On a crisp fall October evening, The Schaefer's decide to go for a walk. They grab their sweaters, and most importantly, their Dalmation puppy, Gatsby. The Great. He is barking and sniffing everything his paws touch outside, including Mrs. Schaefer's roses. Mrs. Schaefer grabs Mr. Schaefer's hand, while his other is gripped onto the red leather leash that is hooked to Gatsby. Hand and hand they walk, admiring the beautiful, autumn weather. The sun is setting perfectly. They talk about their memories of living together in Connecticut, and how life was when they very first got married and were living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Suddenly, a black Honda SUV stops next to the sidewalk where the three are walking. Mrs. Schaefer smiles a warm, friendly yet unsure hello. A middle-aged man with dark hair smiles at them looking at Gatsby and says "Wow! What a beautiful dog you have!" "Oh, thank you!" Mr. Schaefer says. "What is it's name?" the man asks. "Gatsby." Mrs. Schaefer responds. "Oh, like the movie? I love that movie!" the man says, as The Schaefers both nod in agreement. "I also love dalmations." the man adds. He slowly pulls away, infatuated with Gatsby. After their pleasant walk, the three of them return home, telling Gatsby that he earned a treat. He is jumping and wagging his tail, as Mrs. Schaefer picks him up and kisses him on the cheek. They take off their sweaters, and finish the night on the couch playing with their darling Dalmation puppy.

The End.