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I think almost everyone who is reading this deals sometimes with the same problem as I do: having pictures who doens't match your feed but you still want to post them so bad!
Recently I totally removed my old feed and decided to start over again, because it was almost impossible to post the things I wanted to post with my old feed. Before I started over I told myself that I had to make sure I would be able to post the things I want to post. I have some tricks that help me with that and I will be sharing them in this article.
I hope it will help you!

Tip 1 ↬ Choose your theme

It's helpful for yourself if you choose a theme you want to stick with. A fixed theme wants to ensure that you can come up faster with great ideas for your feed and that the general picture is clear.
Here are some 'theme ideas':
☆ Artsy aesthetic

girl, cute, and aesthetic image aesthetic, art, and indie image art, paint, and aesthetic image eyes, flowers, and eye image

☆ Soft aesthetic

fashion, outfit, and tank top image aesthetic, fashion, and pink image aesthetic, blue, and peachy image makeup, girl, and aesthetic image

☆ Fresh minimalist

fashion, outfit, and style image coffee, milk, and drink image fashion, indie, and retro image beige, fashion, and hoodie image

☆ Dark aesthetic

Temporarily removed alternative, black, and clothes image fire, nails, and aesthetic image ulzzang and ulzzang icon image

Of course there are more aesthetics, but these are more the well-known ones. You don't have to stick with one aesthetic, mixing is of course possible (for example the art hoe aesthetic and the soft aesthetic together) . Time for tip 2!

Tip 2 ↬ A catchy bio and profile picture

Your profile picture and biography are also important, because when people click on your page this is what they will see at first. Make sure that your bio and profile picture match with your aesthetic, this makes it more 'aesthetically pleasing'

Tip 3 ↬ Be creative

Being seen on instagram is not going to work if you are not creative. Try to find inspiration for your posts in as many things as possible, this can be when you walk outside with your dog (or without) or when you are on vacation and see nice places for a photo.
Looking up ideas on the internet is of course also helpful, but try to stay creative and not copy other people's ideas ;)

Image by littlefridd aesthetic, mirror, and vintage image aesthetic, grunge, and model image girl, water, and pink image theme, archive, and unfiltered image theme, aesthetic, and rp image

Tip 4 ↬ Editing your pictures

Like I said in the beginning, some pics just don't match your feed. Editing them will help you with that! There are many apps that you can use to make your pics look bomb! Filters are seriously the best thing ever, any picture that doesn't match will be fixed up by using your regular filter.
Having one or two (maybe 3 if they don't differ too much from each other) regular filters is the key to a matching feed. Stickers, frames etc are other options to let your photos match.
There are a billion of editing apps, for example I use Picsart and Meitu.
Other apps are VSCO, Pixlr, Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Express etc. Just type something like 'Edit App' and you will find a bunch of them!

aesthetic, grunge, and skate image makeup, glitter, and aesthetic image music, vintage, and Pink Floyd image ulzzang, girl, and korean image aesthetic, vintage, and 90s image vintage, retro, and 70s image aesthetic, fashion, and pink image 90s, aesthetic, and vintage image Temporarily removed daisy, girl, and perfume image

Tip 5 ↬ Post daily (+ using hashtags)

Regular posting will give you a greater chance of being seen. You keep your page active and people follow someone faster who keeps track of his page.
Using hashtags is also an option, you can just put it as a comment under your own photo so that it doesn't stand out too much. Make sure you use creative hashtags and not hashtags where more than hundreds of thousands of posts have already been posted, because that way people will not find your post that quickly.

bikini, eyes, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

These were all the tips! I hope I helped you out a bit and that it gave you some new fresh inspiration!
Curious about my personal instagram account? It is called @ charlotte.fransen

Bisous ♡