So I've seen this around and thought it was a cute idea, so I decided to do my own. EnJoY.


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So my style is a mix of a lot of things lol. It's like sporty with comfy mixed with preppy and vintage-y


purple, neon, and light image cat, cute, and animal image girl, tumblr, and aesthetic image red, neon, and aesthetic image
Purples, especially violet, grays, and light blues


dogs, milk, and pics image aesthetic, animals, and beauty image animals, birds, and happy image Temporarily removed
Dogs, owls, horses, and elephants


ariel, disney, and mermaid image 2000s, childhood, and disney image 80s, actors, and aesthetic image dance, dancing, and film image
The Little Mermaid, Lemonade Mouth, The Breakfast Club (I know everyone says this but let's be real, it's so relatable) and Step Sisters.

tv shows

pll, pretty little liars, and alison image wallpaper, 13 reasons why, and stranger things image riverdale, cheryl blossom, and camila mendes image Temporarily removed
Pretty Little Liars, Stranger Things, Riverdale, and Grey's Anatomy


ice cream, food, and summer image food and French Fries image Temporarily removed Image removed
Ice cream, french fries, strawberries, and trail mix.


cool, delicious, and drinks image aesthetic, beauty, and body image Image by K Y L I E fresh and summer image
Arnold Palmer, Sprite, coffee, and OJ


anxiety, dark, and Lyrics image xxxtentacion image Image removed Afro, black, and gif image
NF, XXXTENTACION, Ariana Grande, and Khalid.


beach, dance, and sea image aesthetic, white, and headphones image library image Mature image
Dance, music, books/writing, and nursing


study, notes, and school image Image by ✰𝓙𝓪𝔃𝓵𝔂𝓷✰ Abusive image alternative, grunge, and indie image
Go to college, travel, become a nurse, and maybe create something that will leave even when I die (like a book).


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I'm kind of a glum person, can be sweet, but also a bitch, sleepy all the time, sarcastic, sad, anxious, can be hyper and annoying, classy n sassy


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M&M's (Can be chill and lowkey) Skittles (Can be vibrant and creative) Pop rocks (Hyper, engergetic) and caramel (slow, sweet)

And that's it my duddddees