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Today I'm going to share my favourites lyrics from Lewis debut album:)

Lewis Capaldi (born 7 October 1996, just like me!) is a Scottish singer-songwriter. Capaldi achieved mainstream successes throughout 2018, and in 2019, reached number one on the UK Singles Chart with his single "Someone You Loved".
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Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent is the debut album by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, released on 17 May 2019 through Virgin EMI Records. It includes the top 10 singles "Grace", the UK number one "Someone You Loved" and "Hold Me While You Wait", among several previously included on Capaldi's EPs.

So without further ado...

1) Grace

I'm not ready to be just another of your mistakes
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2) Bruises

And I'm tired of being so exhausted
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3) Hold Me While You Wait

My faith is shaken, but I still believe
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4) Someone You Loved

This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain
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5) Maybe

How come I'm the only one who ever seems to get in my way?
Lately, I've been fucking up a good thing any chance I can get
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6) Forever

Out of my mind, I don't remember calling
Had too much tonic wine; sometimes, it does the talking
Hope you know I wish you all the love you're looking for
Darling, nobody said that it would last forever
That doesn't mean we didn't try to get there
I never said that we would die together
That doesn't mean it was a lie, remember
Nobody said that it would last forever
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7) One

How could you let somethin' so good
Go to waste and bleed the colours out?
In search of perfect when you had it with you all along
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8) Don't Get Me Wrong

It ain't meant to be easy, shouldn't be hard as this
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9) Hollywood

'Cause love can find a way to make your feet run heavy
Make your heart unsteady
You know I spent some time in Hollywood tryna find
Somethin' to get the thought of you and I off my mind
So tell me honey, oh, when you're just a step away from fallin' apart
Do you ever feel like goin' back to the start?
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10) Lost on You

I don't wanna leave you lonely
But I've run out of love this time
You know that I adore you
Though I couldn't give enough
Hope you'll be safe in the arms of another
'Cause I can't take the weight of your love
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It ain't no wonder why we lose control
When we're always a heart attack away from falling in love
Well, I know that we've been hardly holding on
To tell the truth, I can't believe we got this far
That I'd end up so caught up in need of your demons
That I'd be lost without you leading me astray
Guess I'm such a fucking fool for the way that you caught me
Girl, you make my heart break more every day
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12) Headspace

I never thought that a lie could sound so sweet
Until you opened your mouth
And you said you loved me
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Okay, so Lewis has the voice of an angel. Plus, he is the funniest guy on earth, his stories on instagram never fail to make me laugh!

Favourite Songs

  • Headspace
  • Fade
  • Lost On You
  • Forever