boots and crocs

Mature image Temporarily removed
just some black crocs and boots

merch from the following people

asap rocky, boy, and fashion image clinton cave, mitchel cave, and christian anthony image Temporarily removed yungblud image piercing, cabello, and hair image] tshirt/12011103.html

mary jane shoes

aesthetic, grunge, and shoes image grunge, black, and dark image

fashion, aesthetic, and icon image chains, edgy, and jewels image
specifics: razor necklace, dice necklace, spider neckace, xanny necklace, assorted chains

pants chains

black, aesthetic, and skirt image aesthetic, black, and body image

a second ear peircing, grunge earrings

aesthetic, cross, and earrings image tattoo, piercing, and aesthetic image
specifics: key earrings, 1 pair of silver studs

some graphic tees i want but don't rlly don't