day6 doesn't have any bad songs.. so it wasn't the easiest ranking ever ! but as a myday (day6 fandom) i wanted to show you my favs songs.

let's start :

15 - i'll remember

Flagged For Review quotes, sad, and grunge image
"i've been holding on to you for too long but now i must let go. there's nothing i can do for you, it's the only way to make you happy so i let go."

14 - baby it's okay

Temporarily removed coffee, aesthetic, and food image
"your small hand that finally connected with mine, i won't ever let it go."

13 - i'm serious

pink, aesthetic, and candle image aesthetic, pink, and glasses image
"i'm serious my eyes say that i like you, why don't you feel it ? my face is so obvious."

12 - i'll try

girl, daughter, and mom image Temporarily removed
"just like i was love as i am. just the way you are, i’ll hold you, i’ll accept you, i'll try my best."

11 - i wait

love, hands, and red image quotes and heart image
"i’m tied to you, i’m in the same place. either untie me or pull me closer."

10 - all alone

girl, sky, and blue image sky, clouds, and stars image
"i wish there was someone who'd hug me saying that i worked hard, and hold me. and even now i'm alone under the moonlight, only the cold night air is by my side."

9 - you were beautiful

black and white, photo, and photography image Image by Sandra
"no matter how much i want you, you are now just a movie of the past that has already ended.. i know."

8 - pouring out

stars, blue, and aesthetic image blue, beach, and aesthetic image
"in one moment like water rising, you are coming to me. like the stars twinkling in the night sky, you are pouring out over me."

7 - shoot me

Inspiring Image on We Heart It red, shoes, and heels image
"this is not what i was looking forward to. what i wanted with you was a romance episode, but in reality your face turns red on the slightest things like an episode of a drama."

6 - 121U

grunge, indie, and cool image Image by 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐢𝐞
"i don't want to want you, i shouldn't be like this i know it. i don't want to love you, because from the moment it starts, i know i can't break free."

5 - when you love someone

Temporarily removed aesthetic, background, and girl image
"you're such a tender-hearted person so whenever i see you hurting silently, i want to make you smile again whatever it takes. i'd rather cry instead of letting you cry, i want to be hurt rather than letting you be hurt."

4 - how can i say

dark yellow, train, and yellow image rain and yellow image
"how can i say that my heart as already left.. i can't put the words together."

3 - headache

quotes, hate, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"it's okay to hurt me at least in my head. would you rather be a headache ? at least i can feel you. it's really okay would you please get angry and curse ? so that i can feel you."

2 - chocolate

pink, chocolate, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
"i know you are sweeter than chocolate, unconsciously my gaze stops at your lips. why do i know the taste of something i've never tried before."

1 - what can I do

cat, animal, and cute image pink, aesthetic, and heart image
"i like you i can't help it. though i know it's a dumb thing to do i just like being with you. i'm such a fool, i'm helpless."