Todays guest has a whole lotta style, tons of ambition and more spunk than we'd know what to do with.

Tezza, a Salt Lake City native, Los Angeles frequenter and recent NYC local is what some may call a "triple threat" (creative director, photographer and musician). She exhibits her motto of living in every moment to create and inspire those around her. Tezza has proven you can use your artistry to create, as we have seen through the productions of her book, photo editing app, and sunglasses line.

Keep reading for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the life of this #girlboss.

(Spoiler alert: her transparency is straight up #relatable and will definitly leave you feeling motivated!)
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Please introduce yourself to our users!

I’m Tezza! I’m a photographer and creative director living and creating with my husband in New York City. I’ve been shooting photos my entire life and come from a family of artists so I’ve got a drive to create. Together with my husband, I’ve taken my photography business and turned it into a full fledged brand with clothing, sunglasses, an app, and more coming your way. I love singing, traveling, and working on killer campaigns for brands across the board.

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From managing your own wildly successful blog to being a #1 best selling author AND recently launching your own photo editing app (how cool!) you’re literally doing it all. How do you manage your busy schedule?

Honestly... I don’t... I definitely struggle! No two days are the same so it’s tough to find a system but I’m never afraid to admit that I need help. I have an awesome team that really helps keep everything running smoothly and does their best to keep me on track. I really think surrounding yourself with a great team is key when you’re at a certain point in growing your business. There’s only so much one person can do!

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Edited with the Tezza Photo Editing App

OK speaking of photo editing—it’s no secret that you’re the master. Your content is always so creative and your feed is always on point! Our users are obsessed with creating a cohesive feed- any tips and/or tricks for getting that perfect aesthetic?

I actually wrote a book called InstaStyle that has legitimately everything I’ve ever learned, and there’s a whole section devoted to feed planning that gives more in-depth tips. That being said, I think the easiest way to create a cohesive feed is to pay attention to coloring. Keeping your outfit, setting, and editing colors in a similar realm can immediately make your posts look more connected, giving your feed a bit more structure or more of a vibe. If you follow me, you know I wear every color and I’m all over the place, so another way to get a more cohesive feed is to find a specific voice within your images. Once you nail down a photographic style, your images will seamlessly unite without needing to coordinate colors and such.

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When it comes to style, it’s obvious you’re not afraid to take a little risk. What’s your go-to method for spicing up an outfit?

Accessories!! I swear by it... Hats, jewelry, bags, shoes, sunglasses, anything. Accessories are always the perfect beginning or end to an outfit!

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Favorite (unconventional) trend?

Oversized blazers. I already have broad shoulders so I like to lean into that look and go all out! It’s the perfect blend of structured yet funky.

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You’re serious #stylegoals. We’d love to know what trends you've loved this summer!?

Tie-Dye is really big right now and I’m really loving the fun of it. Feels like a great way to incorporate pattern and color into your wardrobe. I also just love that shiny fabrics and 80's shapes are coming back. I feel like it’s going to be a lot of fun... we might regret it but I’m not mad about it!

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We Heart It is a positive and safe place where users go every day to stay and get inspired. What inspires you? What do you do when you’re not inspired?

Living in New York City, I feel like I am constantly finding new inspiration because there is so much around. The people, the places, the art, the overall feeling, it’s all incredibly motivating. When I’m in need of some inspiration, I like to set up a little ‘homework assignment’ for myself and make a little project out of it. Always helps me come up with new ideas.

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It seems like you’re doing it all (literally) but we have a feeling you’ve got more tricks up your sleeve. Can you give us any hints as to what we could possibly expect from you next?

Hmm... finding another way to combine fashion and music... wish I could say more!

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