Hi! I love Stranger Things and I've decided to do this tag article related to this series. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Also, my article may contain spoilers so if you haven't watched the whole series watch it first :)
So, let's start!
  • Favorite female character
max image stranger things image gifs, stranger things, and sadie sink image 80s, aesthetic, and alternative image
  • Favorite male character
Image removed stranger things, quotes, and charlie heaton image aesthetic, dark, and things image charlie heaton and boy image
Definitely Jonathan. I just love him ♡
  • Least favorite character
stranger things, dacre montgomery, and billy hargrove image gif, billy hargrove, and dacre montgomery image billy, stranger things, and dacre montgomery image stranger things, boy, and dacre montgomery image
Billy. But I was still sad when he died :(
  • Favorite parent
stranger things, joyce byers, and winona ryder image Image removed stranger things, winona ryder, and joyce byers image screencap, st, and winona ryder image
  • Favorite actress
actress, girl, and max image Image removed sadie sink and stranger things image sadie sink and stranger things image
Sadie Sink
  • Favorite actor
Temporarily removed finn wolfhard, actor, and stranger things image stranger things, cute, and gif image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and actor image
Finn Wolfhard
  • Favorite couple
jancy, stranger things, and nancy wheeler image st3, stranger things, and charlie heaton image stranger things, couple, and nancy wheeler image Image removed
Definitely Jancy ♡ I love them so much, they are perfect couple
  • Favorite friendship
steve harrington, stranger things, and dustin henderson image stranger things, steve harrington, and gaten matarazzo image robin and stranger things image Image removed
Steve and Dustin, they are just the best duo ever!
  • Favorite season
stranger things, netflix, and eleven image stranger things, netflix, and season 3 image stranger things, series, and netflix image stranger things, robin, and maya hawke image
Season 3
  • Favorite quotes
Temporarily removed jonathan, stranger things, and gif image quotes, stranger things, and red image brown, coffee, and quotes image
They are just some of my favs
  • Saddest scene
Image removed stranger things, alexei, and netflix image alexei and stranger things image stranger things, alexei, and netflix image
When Alexei died... I loved him so when they killed him it broke my heart :( I will be very happy if they will bring him back to life in next season, because in Hawkins everything is possible, right?
That's it for this article! Thank you for reading it, I hope you liked it ♡
See you soon in my next article!
Magda ♡

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