Summer is such an amazing time to jump in the pool and lounge in the sunshine, but sometimes you need a day of binge-watching your favorite show to truly unwind.

Keep reading to discover some new shows that Team We Heart It will be binge watching this summer (and you should too)!

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Reality TV

Nailed It

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Have you ever tried to copy something off of Pinterest and failed miserably? Girl, us too. This show will make you feel sooo much better about yourself and give you a belly ache from laughing at the same time.


The Order

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Grab some popcorn and a friend for this horror-drama-mystery combo. Would you join a magic secret society at a new college?


The Society

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Imagine going away for a fun camping trip with friends and coming home to a town empty of all adults! We guarantee that this drama-mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat.



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It doesn't get better than the OG Charmed! Classic 2000’s fashion, sisterhood, and magically adventures, you can't go wrong. Then once you're done with the original you can give the reboot a try too!



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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes has just gotten a new lease on life with this modern adaption of the classic mysteries. Plus, who doesn't love Beneidict Cumberbatch?

We hope you watch and enjoy!
Lots of love,
This article was written by @CNBB.