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Temporarily removed art, blue, and caderno image owl image girl and alone image blue, art, and paint image theme, quotes, and rp image
creative, honest. lives for aesthetic. always doodling on her neat notes


quotes, brown, and aesthetic image annabeth chase, aesthetic, and percy jackson image Temporarily removed curls image aesthetic, brand, and converse image coffee, aesthetic, and photography image
kind, caring. knows everyone by name. empathetic. vegan


eye, aesthetic, and eyes image red, aesthetic, and lipstick image Image by blabla argentina, Bolivia, and brasil image city, travel, and new york image Image by larksings
proud of her Puerto Rican heritage. from New York. a hard worker. loves to laugh and dance.


sunflower, flowers, and yellow image quotes, love, and summer image yellow, aesthetic, and window image Temporarily removed background, quotes, and wallpaper image clothes. brown image
happy. loving. a smile that is infectious and radiates from within


b&w, death note, and L image Image by shiiiiitttt tyler the creator, tyler, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed aesthetic, backpack, and spiderman image Temporarily removed
brilliant. sociable. friendly. loves music and family. is a friend to all


love, revolution, and red image Temporarily removed sunglasses, black, and glasses image festival, happiness, and party image 19, art, and birthday image party and youth image
teen fun. good vibes. living your life to the fullest. an aspiring actor. looks intimidating but is actually a sweetheart


adventure, aesthetic, and explore image french, poem, and quotes image hippie, peace, and hippies image wallpaper, moon, and sun image Image removed vintage, girl, and aesthetic image
confident. beautiful. poetic. creative. speaks french. the sun personified


Temporarily removed starbucks, vsco, and pink image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed trampoline, light, and cozy image Image removed
southern charm. preppy, bubbly. "more than just pink and a southern accent!"


school and aesthetic image Image by sa0a0 room, sunset, and photography image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
beautiful, smart, loyal. always cracking jokes. humble about her achievements


fashion, girl, and style image Abusive image aesthetic and glasses image flowers, aesthetic, and field image ballet, dance, and ballerina image turtle, water, and summer image
dancer. graceful, pretty, caring.


sky, stars, and lights stars image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed hair, blonde, and aesthetic image freckles, eyes, and face image quotes, shine, and pink image


Abusive image water, summer, and sea image bite, boy, and collar image luxury, house, and stairs image aesthetic image beach, sea, and ocean image