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Tuve un tiempo que escuchaba mucha música punk, punk rock, pop rock y todo lo que tuviera una guitarra, aún sigo acudiendo a esa música en ocasiones, aquí una playlist de lo que solía escuchar muy seguido.
green day, Lyrics, and american idiot image Temporarily removed
American idiot - Green day
girl, grunge, and night image Image removed
Perfect - Simple Plan
girl, mood, and read image Temporarily removed
Don't tell me - Avril Lavigne
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The kill - 30 seconds to mars
doll, cinderella, and storybook image architecture, castle, and harry potter image
Brick that boring brick - Paramore
girl, photography, and sun image aesthetic, sky, and nature image
Crazy - Simple Plan
girl, photography, and guitar image boy, skate, and skateboard image
Sk8er boi - Avril Lavigne
cartoon, disney, and black image Daria, cartoon, and grunge image
All the small things - blink-182
how to train your dragon, hiccup, and httyd image Image by mattamanga
You're gonna go far kid - The offspring
mob psycho 100 image beach, sky, and sea image
I'm just a kid - Simple Plan
coraline and family image cat, red, and eyes image
The kids aren't alright - The offspring
girls, mean, and mean girls image cartoon, aesthetic, and powerpuff girls image
I don't care - Fall out boy
Temporarily removed yellow, aesthetic, and blue image
Shut up! - Simple Plan
Temporarily removed art, alternative, and neon image
Dance dance - Fall out boy
Temporarily removed Image removed
New perspective - Panic! at the disco
marceline, adventure time, and mustache image flowers, water, and daisy image
Anklebiters - Paramore
Daria, tattoo, and grunge image kiss, cartoon, and pink image
First date - blink-182
the great gatsby, leonardo dicaprio, and movie image Image by idk
He wasn't - Avril Lavigne
panda, black and white, and bear image girl, eyes, and freckles image
Know your enemy - Green day
art, free, and pink image disney, metro, and music image
Na na na (na na na na na na na na na) - My Chemical Romance
old image exit, grunge, and pink image
Sleep now in the fire - Rage against the machine
bus, black, and blue image