What I love most about musicals is that you can solve all your problems with a song.

Memory- Cats
Elaine Paige poured her heart and soul into this performance.

Patty is me trying to sing the climax of Memory :DD. Rodrick, on the other hand, is me listening to the song. We stan men who express their emotions.

El Tango De Roxanne- Moulin Rouge
This forever will be one of the most iconic shots in movie history. The scene is full of so many feeling ranging from lust, love, hatred, pain, jealousy, etc. The chaotic ending is so intense that no matter how many times I've watched Moulin Rouge I still get chills during that moment.

Cell Block Tango- Chicago
This scene empowers women for all the wrong reasons, but I love it.

The Winner Takes It All- Mamma Mia
Definitely the most powerful moment in the movie. Meryl Streep is a legend. Everything done in this scene is filled with so much grace. When Dona contfronts her ex-lover everyone, who has ever been hurt and tricked, can see a part of themselves in her.

Please Mr Jailer- Cry-Baby
Teenage rebellion at its finest. Personally I prefer Cry-Baby to Grease. Wade Walker, aka Cry-Baby, is everything Danny Zuko wishes to be.

Phantom of the Opera- The Phantom of the Opera
The only proper way to take your girl out on a first date.
Once a girl from my class played this song and said in a mocking way that she listens to this before she goes to sleep. Everyone started laughing and I was smiling nervously trying to play it cool as if I don't know every word from the song.

Never Enough- The Greatest Showman
I hated her guts but I can't deny that this performance was filled with so much pain and heartbreak. You can see the raw emotion on the woman's face.

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