i know nobody cares but, here are 73 questions with me :)))

inspired by:

1. what were you doing right before this?

art, artist, and bee image art, draw, and drawing image
i was drawing in my journal.

2. what do you find yourself doing a lot these days?

book, girl, and model image coffee, food, and ahs image
since i'm on my summer vacation i've just been reading and watching a lot of shows, i'm currently watching big little lies and just started watching game of thrones.

3. what's your current obsession?

euphoria, angel, and girls image euphoria, Jules, and aesthetic image
honestly, euphoria.

4. what are you typically doing on days off?

aesthetic, grunge, and music image book, light, and aesthetic image friends, monica, and chandler image botanical garden, flowers, and garden image
i read or watch shows, and sometimes me and my sister go to some record stores and to our local botanical garden and just hang out there.

5. what's your favorite place to visit in the world?

architecture, beautiful, and buildings image girl, paris, and fashion image
very cliche paris, even tho i've never been there it just speaks to me. it's very romantic and i'm definitely a hopeless romantic.

6. what's one hobby you'll never give up?

Temporarily removed book, reading, and aesthetic image
reading, for sure.

7. what's one hobby you plan on picking up?

art, drawing, and eyes image aesthetic, art, and carefree image

8. how would you describe yourself in three words?

quotes, kind, and aesthetic image creative, inspiration, and art image
this is hard ahah. but kind, creative and humble.

9. what scares you the most?

quotes, life, and afraid image
thinking about the future, about losing my parents, getting a job, i'm so scared of never finding a job that i like and doesn't get me bored. it's not that I get bored easily, i don't know, i'm just terrified of what's to come.

10. what makes you feel the angriest?

quotes, pastel, and pink image
rude people.

11. who's the most fashionable woman you know?

model and kaia gerber image aesthetic, body, and clothes image
kaia gerber. and my mom.

12. what's your favorite animal?

cat, animal, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image

13. what's your favorite thing to eat?

theme, rp, and rp theme image
chocolate. and sushi

14. what was your favorite movie as a kid?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
barbie of swan lake.

15. can you say anything in a foreign language?

rome, italy, and travel image art, painting, and aesthetic image
grazie mille! but i do speak 3 languages and can understand one more.

16. when do you feel most beautiful?

glitter, eyes, and aesthetic image
as cliche as it sounds, when i'm truly happy.

17. what's your favorite color?

car, vintage, and aesthetic image yellow image blue image Image removed

18. who's your girl crush?

skam and noora image skam, noora, and icon image skam, girl, and noora amalie saetre image skam, noora, and noora amalie saetre image
noora amalie saetre from skam.

19. heels or flats?

aesthetic, red, and vans image converse, red, and aesthetic image

20. window or aisle seat?

adventure, blur, and city image

21. coffee or tea?

Temporarily removed

22. if you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called?

Temporarily removed

23. what's the last country you visited?

Temporarily removed city, spain, and travel image

24. the best gift you've ever received?

street, city, and rain image cars, chic, and cities image
_my mom took me to london for my 8th birthday while my aunt was living there, it was such a cute trip and so magic to me! but if you give me a flower i'll be the happiest, little or big it means you remembered me and i appreciate that so much! _

25. if you could could play one instrument, what would it be?

book, piano, and home image

26. if you had a tattoo, what would it be?

Harry Styles image
it would be 'treat people with kindness' in harry's handwriting because both the message and the person mean a lot to me.

27. winter or summer?

adventure, aesthetic, and alternative image
winter, i can't handle weather that is too hot.

28. sweet or savory food?

Temporarily removed food, aesthetic, and breakfast image
sweeeeets all the way. my sister and i even have a joke cause she's the salty and i'm the sweet eheh.

29. dogs or cats?

cat, animal, and wallpaper image cat, clouds, and sky image
cats, they're so cute!

30. what's your favorite flower?

shoes, nike, and sunflower image yellow, aesthetic, and art image

31. who's your favorite actress?

julia roberts, winona ryder, and 80s image lily collins, beautiful, and pretty image
julia roberts, winona ryder and lily collins.

32. who's your favorite actor?

Temporarily removed call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and cmbyn image cole sprouse, riverdale, and boy image
leo dicaprio, beautiful inside and out, cole sprouse and timothée chalamet.

33. favorite holiday?

christmas, winter, and cozy image

34. what's the cutest thing in the world?

cupcake, pink, and hazz image
clearly, harry styles.

35. if you could go to any concert, past or present, which one would you go to?

concert, nirvana, and grunge image kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image

36. who makes you laugh the most?

my cousin and my dad, they're both dorks aha.

37. if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Harry Styles, black and white, and harry image
harry styles, again. :) this may seem teenager shallow but i promise if you do the slightest research you'll see the precious person he is.

38. what movie makes you cry every time you watch it?

black and white, kate winslet, and 90s aesthetic image
i'm gonna have to go with titanic, especially when the mom is putting her kids to sleep, i can't. :'(

39. what tv show are you currently watching?

pretty, zoe kravitz, and gif image mother of dragons, daenerys, and Queen image
big little lies, game of thrones, euphoria, prison break.

40. what book do you plan on reading?

Image by Roman Matys
girl interrupted by susanna kaysen.

41. must have beauty product?

makeup, beauty, and highlighter image Temporarily removed
highlighter, concealer and vaseline.

42. what's your zodiac sign?

astrology, horoscope, and pastel image

43. eye color?

eyes, eye, and brown image
brown eyes.

44. hair color?

Image removed
_ dark brown._

45. what's your favorite thing to wear?

fashion, girl, and outfit image Temporarily removed
graphic t-shirts.

46. dream job?

psychiatrist in a hospital for the criminally insane.

47. when was the last time you cried?

blue, eyes, and eye image
i don't remember but it must have been not long ago since i am definitely an easy crier.

48. favorite sound?

aesthetic, city, and rain image

49. iphone or android?

art, fashion, and phone image
iphone always.

50. best way to destress?

autumn, fall, and nature image
just take a walk and listen to some music.

51. one movie you can watch over and over?

pride and prejudice, mr darcy, and movie image
i have watched this movie over and over, i love every part of it and can always notice something new every time.

52. if you were in a flashmob, where would it be?

i don't know, like a crowded street or something.

53. one thing you can't live without?

Temporarily removed

54. on a scale 1-10, how excited are you about life right now?

like a 7 i guess.

56. favorite solo artist?

Image removed Harry Styles, liam payne, and niall horan image
lana del rey and harry styles.

57. favorite smell?

coffee, aesthetic, and drink image book, rain, and coffee image
coffee and the smell of the wet soil after it rains.

58. scary movies or happy endings?

love, couple, and black and white image
happy endings.

59. favorite movie right now?

book, pride and prejudice, and keira knightley image quotes, movie, and before sunrise image
pride and prejudice and before sunrise.

60. what color is your toothbrush?

green and white.

61. what's a curse word you use all the time?

movies and quotes image

62. what are you most excited about these days?

travel and italy image girl, train, and travel image

63. are you scared of the dark?

black, dark, and girl image

64. what's your favorite country to visit?

travel, city, and architecture image

65. what's the coolest thing in the world?

90s, my girl, and tumblr girl image

66. the name of your first pet?

Temporarily removed

67. if you had any super power, which one would you choose?

clouds, plane, and sky image

68. are you happy with your handwriting?

yes, i actually really like it.

69. do you like surprises?

i love surprises!

_70. best piece of advice ever given?

clouds, room, and white image
"sometimes putting yourself first is necessary, it doesn't mean you're being selfish, you just have to do what's best for you."

71. if you could be successful at one sport, which one would it be?

trust me, i'm bad at every single one.

72. if you could switch lives with someone for a day, who'd you choose?

model, kaia gerber, and friends image
kaia gerber.

73. how long did it take to make this article?

i had a lot of breaks but 3 to 4 hours. i'm so doneeeee ehe.

if you got here, congratulations! you officially know more about me than any of my friends! thank you for putting up with random facts of me and i hope the color of my toothbrush is helpful to you some day ;)

xx byeeeeee