Finding the right caption for your picture isn't that easy. I personally prefer shorts captions, which fits to the content of the picture.
I often search for inspiration on the internet or have a look on instagam accounts which inspires me.
Sometimes it's helpful to have a look on your picture and just point out the basic facts of it. Now you can try to make a caption of it. You can also search on weheartit for a quote with one of this basic facts.
Maybe it's something that you wear, or the name of the street, what you are doing, colours, the time you took the picture or something from the background. Try to be creative!

Some examples:

aesthetic, boots, and combat boots image
good day for denim / yellow heart emoji / happy walks in …
girl, summer, and pool image
pool days / find me here / spotted (mermaid emoji)
Temporarily removed
high score / wanna play ? / playing day / who's gonna beat me ? / focused
outfit, fashion, and style image
dr. martens love / keep it simple / white walls / ripped jeans & boots
girl, friends, and best friends image
are we vintage now ? / raise your hand if your hungry / touché
cereal, girl, and outfit image
cereals for life / grocery shopping
beauty, body, and coke image
taste the feeling / addicted / matching
fashion, girl, and style image
that view / big city life / oh honey

Hope it was helpful for you, so go out, take some pictures and upload some new pic's.

Still no idea for your caption? Write me a message on weheartit and i can help you finding the perfect caption for your picture.