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I was always looking for a way to feel better about myself, to not get affected by other people's words and actions. I've read those magazines and blogs articles on how to be confident and they were all the same. It started by telling me to wear makeup and it ended in telling me to dress differently. Let's just say I had a few months of experimenting with makeup that did not suit my skintone at all.

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Don't get me wrong, those things helped. The way you look does matter.
But I needed more.

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Confidence to me came by trying the things I was so afraid to do. Simple things with no consequences and whose only reason for not trying was the fact I felt embarrassed or the thought of not being as good as everyobody else.
I was that girl who knew the answer when the teacher asked, but never raised my arm. One day I did and the world didn't end. Next time it was easier. On a different day I raised my arm and got the wrong answer in front of everyone. I was so embarassed, but no one cared as much as I did.

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I realized something very important. All that fear was in my head, and no one really cares as much as I do. So I started trying more things. I never took year end pictures with my schoolmates because I didn't like the way I looked and people made fun of me. That year I did and it became a memory, I actually liked that picture. I wore a short skirt for the first time and presented a schoolpaper without stuttering. I even danced in public..

Confidence came by trying. The more I did the less I was afraid of doing.

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Today, a few years later I can tell you that it all started there. Everything changed when I changed. I'm strong enough to be bold, to stand up for myself and what I think, to SAY NO without explaining myself.
So if you're looking for something to start with, start by doing something you've always wanted. And if you need a little support ask your friends to give you a little positive reinforcement.

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