It has been quite a while since I wanted to do this.By this I mean start my fashion career and I chose to start from here.By writing articles and uploading images that inspires me and helps me elevate my fashion sense to the next level.

Hopefully, these articles will help YOU the same way it helped me build my confidence. I will be sharing my point of views ,tips and tricks and review the latest and trendiest items that I personally adore.

Am starting my journey not knowing where the path will lead me to but I a sure myself that I am not going to stop no matter what I face and no matter how much I have these negative thoughts running around my head I WILL continue on this path.

This is probably the cringiest shit I wrote in my entire life but I believe that it's important to say these words to urself to help you stay dedicated to do what you love the most even though it may not seem right at some point. I thought sharing this with you will motivate you guys to follow ur dreams and passion. DO WHAT YOU LOVE KIDS, life is too short so don't waste it and thats exactly what am going to do.

lets hope this goes well, pray for me everyone!