my hands are clutched tightly now,
the shards digging deep
into my hand.

oh, the blood is dripping now,
painting pictures on this
broken land.

you broke me,
don't you know it?

shattered me,
split apart - no whole.

took the key,
opened my soul.

took what you wanted,
left me feeling cold.

you took every piece of me,
of my velvet heart.

you pulled apart the pieces,
and now i feel so cold.

so broken,
she is so broken.

my hand is open now,
can you see what you have done?

do you see the way these shattered pieces,
of my heart,
decorate my scarred hands?

see the way you marked me,
see the desperation in my clenching hands.

don't you see me now?
don't you love me?

on this broken land, we are standing.
the blood is beneath us,
my hand is red.

yet you don't spare me a glance,
my broken heart bores you, and
so does every inch of this land.