Took me a few tries to perfect this recipe to how I wanted it and here it is...
(This recipe makes 3 crepes)

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Ingredients for the crepes
♡ 40g oats
♡ baking powder
♡ 1 tsp of ground flax meal
♡ 1 tsp of chia seeds
♡ cinnamon
♡ grated lemon peel
♡ vanilla flav drops (I get them from MyProtein)
♡ water
♡ one egg white

Ingredients for the protein creme
♡ 150g of skyr (you can also use greek yogurt)
♡ 1 tbsp of your fav whey protein powder (I used cookies&cream by MyProtein)
♡ *sugar free jam (I used strawberry)

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Directions for the crepes
~ Ground your oats and chia seeds into oat flour.
~ Add the flour to a bowl, add in your flax meal, baking powder, cinnamon (you can leave this one out if you don't like it), grated lemon peel, flav drops and enough water to get you a runny (but not too runny) texture.
~ Mix your egg white with a hand mixer so you end up with egg white snow.
~ Once you have your egg white snow add it to your pancake mixture and slowly mix it in (I used an egg beater).
~ Now you can prepare your non sticking pancake skillet, spray it with oil and add 1/3 of mixture to your skillet and make your crepe. Once it's done do that two more times so you end up with.
!! Be careful when you flip the pancake, the batter is very soft so it will be a bit harder to flip it but it's not impossible, mine actually never really broke. (But trust me it will be worth it, the pancakes are so soft and fluffy!)

Directions for the protein creme
(I usually fill one of my crepes with skyr and sugar free jam, and the other two with protein creme...Here's how I prepare the filling:)
~ Mixt a tbsp of protein powder with 100g of skyr - That's it! Protein creme is made!
~ Spread it on two of your crepes (you can also add fruit on top, I added cubes of melon because it's in season now and I love it!)

~* For the jam/skyr filling first spread 50g of skyr on your crepe and add the jam of your choice on top (I also mix teh skyr and jam together a bit).

~Roll all of your crepes up or fold them up if you like it that way more (I always roll them tho).
~ Add any additional toppings to your like, for example I finish it with a drizzle of sugar free coconut syrup (you can also use honey, agave syrup etc.)

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Let me know if you make the recipe and I will be sooo sooo happy if you send me pictures of your masterpiece! ;)
Enjoy ♡