hey im bored and I thought this could be fun

what's your name?

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my name is Esther

what do you identify as?

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I identify as a cis woman, and lesbian

can you give a definition of your label?

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Cisgender means I identify with the gender I was assigned at birth. And Lesbian means I identify as a girl, who only likes girls.

did you come out? If not, do you plan on coming out?

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it's weird, because even though I'm pretty open about my sexuality I still find myself coming out to random people. I told my parents this year, it was after we came home from an event and I told them "want you to hear this from me, but I like girls and only girls." My Mum said she was proud of me for telling her and she was sorry if I ever felt pressured to tell her. My dad said he didn't care and I needed to go to Bec (it was like 10pm). I told my close friends this year and some of last year, and I told my best friend in 2017. We were on the bus and she was trying to guess who I likes, and. finally told her. She had to lie down to absorb it all.

have you ever been to a gay pride?

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no, but I really want to. Where I live there aren't to many events, and all the ones I wanted to go to I missed. Im going to keep an eye out though.

what did you wear? Or what would you wear if you were to go to one?

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probably a crop top, as I love them and they're really comfy for dancing. Maybe jeans or a denim overall dress. I love my converse so those and my yellow Kanken.

are you a stereotypical insert what you define as?

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I mean, not really. There are loads of stereotypes about lesbians and some of them are like the opposite of each-other. But if were talking about the early 2000s short-hair-and-only-trousers stereotypes, then no. I like my long hair, and I don't think I'm super intimidating. Also I adore long flowy dresses.

what's your favorite acceptance quote?

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come as you are.

how does it feel to be yourself?

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great, most of my friends are really accepting.

who do you look up to sexuality/gender-wise?

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Lilia Buckingham , dodo clark, alena Alvarez and Cyrus Goodman.

do you have any lgbt+ friends?

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yes, we all have a group chat and watch out for each other. I really appreciate them.

what's the best thing about being a part of the community?

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how everyone is so accepting, we've all experienced some kind of fear or repression about a part of us. So we all know how hard it is for each-other.

do you think representation matters? Why?

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yes, its something thats incredibly close to my heart. as a child I never knew that LGBTQA+ people existed and seeing them would've really helped me with my identity as a child.