Because behaviour is created through the interaction of proteins with their complementary signals, there are really only two sources of dis-ease: either the proteins are defective or the signals are distorted.1

All wireless communication devices put out polarized EMF that carries information via pulsations. Both the pulsations and the polarization make EMF much more biologically active.2

Cells, tissues and organs do not question information sent by the nervous system.3 Built into the cell membrane are protein switches that respond to the environmental signals by relaying their information to internal protein pathways. Environmental signals acting through membrane switches control cell functions. Altered signals can inhibit or modify normal behaviours and lead to the expression of dis-ease. Health is predicated upon the nervous system’s ability to accurately perceive environmental information and selectively engage appropriate, life-sustaining behaviours.

The real secret to life: perceptions control behaviour at both the cellular and human level4

Cells perceive EMF as a Threat

Cells only make stress proteins when they have come into contact with something that they feel is harmful. EMF stimulates stress proteins (indicating an assault on the cell).5 Activating the VGCCs produces a chain of events that ultimately decimate mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, their membranes and proteins.6 DNA contains the genetic information and is constantly at work making proteins required for life. The more fear or stress an organism perceives, the more energy it diverts for protection. A cell cannot be in a state of growth and protection at the same time. Ideally, energy is expended for growth and reproduction with as little as possible spent on defense.

Nature designed protection systems with the hope that they would never be used or, at worst, used sporadically to help organisms escape the occasional clutches of life-threatening predators. If an organism’s need for protection is out of balance and plagued by chronic ongoing fears and threats, the excessive energy resources required for protection directly compromises energy reserves needed to sustain health. The body’s defense mechanisms were never intended nor designed to be used all day and all night. In severe situations, an organism will fight or flee until all of its accessible energy reserves are depleted and it falls victim to the predator.

Organisms that failed to properly manage their life energy reserves are extinct

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