19th of july,2019.

─ if you want to answer these feel free to make a article on it and mention me in it so I know you used this. hope you enjoy. ♡

› when did you get into kpop?

› who's your favorite girl group?

› who's your favorite boy group?

› favorite kpop song?

› who is the prettiest female in kpop to you?

› who is the prettiest male in kpop to you?

› what's a kpop song you dislike?

› what's your favorite concept?

› what's your favorite music video?

› what's the hardest choreography to you?

› favorite underrated group?

› favorite female soloist?

› favorite male soloist?

› what group has easy choreography to you?

› what would you say if somebody asked you what's your opinion on kpop?


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