The Fruits Basket 2019 reboot has started in April and we are already halfway through the first season, it's crazy! Even though I don't understand the language, I love the opening music and its closing. The melody is so soft and serene, it definitely suits Tohru and her situation living with the Sohma family.

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Anyways, I love the characters and their sense of humor. Kyo and Yuki Sohma have complete opposite personalities, it's no wonder they resent each other so much.

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The 2019 reboot has a lot of similarities from the 2001 version of Fruits Basket. If you've seen the 2001 version you can see that in each episode the characters re-enact the same scene in the storyline. For example, in episode four (my favorite episode) when Kagura visits the Sohma's house she still attacks Kyo with the desperate love that she has for him. It's funny, because she still physically hurt him and he tries to run away from her.

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The difference, however, when Shigure tells Kagura that Tohru is part of the Year of the Cat Fan-club, Kagura runs up to her and exhales all the reasons why she loves Kyo even the part when she said, "even when he turns into his true form." After hearing that, Kyo puts his hand on her lips and told her to stop talking then Kagura punched him again. However, after saying that, Tohru started to wonder why Kagura said "his true form, what did she mean by that." Unlike the 2001 version, Tohru thinks more in-depth about Kyo's true form.

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Lastly, I'm glad to say the original voice actors are back to take on their role of the show. However, in the 2019 reboot, they pronounce the names differently, the same but slightly different. For instance, when they say "Shigure" or "Kagura" they say it faster and their tone of voice is has a higher pitch to it.

Overall, the show is amazing and I love it as much as the managa. So far it's better than the 2001 version, to be honest. I always look forward for the new episodes and see more of the similarities from the 2001 version and what more they have added from the manga.