Everybody knows the phrase: " If you work hard enough you will get what you deserve"
And usually i believed in this.
Of course we all have different starting points and different views and possibility's. Some have a disease or mental issues ... but it's not the point to be the best runner if you don't have any legs. Maybe your strength is to hold a handstand the longest , or just whatever you want.
These are just stupid examples.

But did you ever feel like It's actually possible for you and somehow you still don't come that far?

That's basically the situation i am trapped now. I know i'm capable , right?

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_And after hundreds of tries:You start to question your ability_
Like WHY?
What else can i do?
What do i have to learn to get there?

....but sometimes you're powerless and exhausted. Not every decision can be controlled.

It's simply out of your controll

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That's when we get so angry at the world and the system and especially as a teen you feel this. - when parents decide for your good
- teachers don't listen
-the government does has his own terms
-you can't get somebody to love you

So teens are going to rebel sometimes, but it's there right.

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Just ask yourself "How would you feel in that situation?