🦋 Hi guys!! Summer is my favourite season but I don't always have many things to do and sometimes I get bored. Here are some tips on what to do on long, hot summer afternoons. (sorry for the eventuals ortographicals errors but I'm italian)🦋


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You don't need to be a professional chef to cook something of good. For example, pancakes are very simple to cook, or prepare a smoothie with strawberries or bananas, delicious and very refreshing, ideal for this season.

Visit new places

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Visiting new places besides being a lot of fun makes you know a lot of things about history, culture, cuisine and the people of that place. Needless to say that if you have the opportunity, travel and visit new cities. Or (like me) make a list of what you'd like to visit in the future.

Organize a picnic

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In the summer I personally love eating outdoors. I choose a nice place, maybe near a lake, and I enjoy the view. Stay in the midst of nature relaxes me a lot. You can organize with your friends and bring everyone something of different to eat.


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If, like me, you love nature there is nothing better than taking care of plants and flowers in your garden (or on your terrace). It doesn't take much to give the house a new look and make it more curate.

Read a book

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Reading is very beautiful, you can do it both on the beach under an umbrella, and on a deckchair in your garden while you are tanning. It will be a pleasant and relaxing pastime. If you don't like reading you can do the crosswords.

Bonfire on the beach

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How much do I love marshmallows? What could have been better than eating them in the evening, on the beach with some friends?

Organize a pool party

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If you are lucky enough to have a pool at home, you can organize a party and have fun with the decorations. Put on some summer music (reggaeton XD) and prepare something of fresh to eat for a snack (for example watermelon or fresh fruit salads).

Watch a TV series

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There are many series to watch, you have the spoiled for choice. Horror, teen drama, fantasy, sit com ... choose the one you prefer. Personally I'm in love with Stranger things in this period.

I hope you enjoy. Much love❤️.