Hey! Today I picked up some disney princesses and I will write about their style, of course, in a modern way. I hope you like it!


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Blue, white and yellow are the main colors of this character's wardrobe. The no-makeup makeup look (or no makeup at all) and the low ponytails are typically Belle.


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Blue is the signature color of this amazing disney princess, white as well. Some braids, simple makeup and, of course, the dreamy crystal shoes (or diamon because, unfortunately, no Fairy Godmother appeared).


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Raven-black curls, bright scarf, strong brows, peasant blouse, corset and gold accessories galore describe esmeralda's style.


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Aurora's style consists in those amazing loose curls, billowy sleeves, rosy lips that shame the rose itself and practical neutrals.


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Merida is one of my favourite disney princesses, her style is all about red hair with voluminous curls, no makeup, military/timberland boots, a cool jacket, basic jeans and a knit/winter sweaters.

Snow White

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" Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow". Her clothes are mainly red, yellow and white, short wavy hair.


hair, girl, and beauty image girl, beauty, and style image fashion, sweater, and autumn image Image by i a r a
Pocahonta's wardrobe consists in, fundamentally, a basic bohemian style, earth tones, dark hair, long and straight and a marrom / nude lipstick.

And that's it! I know that some princesses are missing, i didn't want to make this article long so maybe I will do a Part 2. I really hope you liked it!

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