im back again! this time imma do a friends tag because its in the middle of the night and i cant sleep. and also for the record im sick AGAIN (monicas voice). this is probably the 5th THIS year im sick, but its probably because i was i rhodes with my friends. its really common that everyone gets sick after a trip like that so so ;)

anywyassss (ross´voice) here´s the answers

fave male character:

friends, ross, and tv show image friends, sandwich, and quotes image friends, ross, and quotes image friends and ross geller image
it has always been joey but now when i watch friends i really like ross of some reason

fave female character:

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rachel because i can relate to her the most

least fave female character:

sorryyy but phoebe she´s just too much

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least fave male character:

chandler because he´s sometimes too much with his jokes and all that. But ofc he´s funny most of the times and i can also relate to him A LOT.

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fave couple:

ehhhh ofc ross and rachel

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least fave couple:

i dont know why but i dont like mondler

chandler, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and friends image friends, couple, and chandler bing image

fave bromance:

Joey and chandler´s friendship is EVERYTHING before season 5.

friends, chandler, and Joey image friends, chandler bing, and joey tribbiani image friends and 90s image chandler, chandler bing, and Joey image

fave quotes:

"could i be wearing anymore clothes"

"no uterus, no opinion"

"i don´t have a pla.."

"I´m sorry, apparently I opened a door to the past"

"Oh i´m sorry, did my back hurt your knife"

"Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"

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