likes me, likes me not, likes me....
crushes are tiring. personally, i don't have a crush, cause tbh i don't have time for them 💁
but it's really interesting to read about the psychology behind crushes and their body language. ik i'm weird
so here are 20 signs if he likes you!! i hope you enjoy ♡
*note: i got some of these tips from vids on youtube. channels like: secret love recipes, arcadia, etc.
1: he stares at you while you are talking to others
-you'll catch him glancing at you here and then

2: he unconsciously copies your gestures
-awh that's cute

3: he stands up straight and expands his chest when he's with you
-i knew someone that did this... you can tell the difference when he's with his friends

4: he'll look away quickly or try to catch and hold your stare if you find him looking at you
-i think mainly guys look away really quickly and act as if nothing happened

5: if you smile or laugh, he won't be able to hold back his smile

6: he may fidget when you are together
-honestly i thought it was kinda rude when someone wouldn't look me in the eye and continually play with something i'm rethinking

7: he might act like he doesn't know you when he's with his friends
-like you're invisible :(

8: he'll tease and pick on you a lot :\
-like dumb names or inside jokes

9: he'll try to impress you by boasting about himself and his accomplishments
-kinda funny when you realize this

10: he may flirt with other girls when you are around, perhaps to make you jealous or interested in him
-honestly... this is really accurate. especially by what my friends tell me

11: he may constantly bump into or brush by you
-thought it was kinda cute

12: his pupils may dilate when he's talking to you or with you
-i never really noticed pupils dilating or's a little hard to see especially when their eye colors are dark

13: his friends may laugh and tease him when you pass by
-very trueee

14: when you text him he may hold back or wait a while before responding or opening it
-or they're busy

15: anytime he does or says something, he'll look at you to see your reaction
-that's cutee

16: he could raise his voice, make wide gestures, or do stupid things if you don't notice him
-tbh accurate...boys get stupid when they don't get attention

17: he'll start touching his hair, clothes, or phone when you're with him
-i've never thought about this

18: he'll want you to do the same things he does (ex: read same books, watch same shows, join same clubs/organizations)

19: he'll leave when you're hanging out or speaking with other guys
-boys get really jealous...especially with other guys...they can get very protective

20: he'll notice the slightest changes, like if you had a haircut, hair color change, etc.

now that you've finished the list, go ask him out :D