Hi guys!
How are y'all doing?
So, today we are going to talk about helping people.

I have notice since last year how people (mainly teens) have been self centered in the past few years.

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They've been so caught up on their phones, on their goals, on their desire to be happy that they forget about the people around them.

This is why the world has been so monotonous, this is why a lot people are getting depressed and feeling empty.

It's not about you!

Of course it's important to love yourself and take care of it, but your life can't revolve around you!
Life is not about how much you get, how many followers you have, if you are dressed with fancy clothes or not, it's not about those things!

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Life is much more than these!
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Look around you! You are not the only person in the world. Don't live only for yourself!

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Start paying atention on people around you. Everyone is facing a battle. Everyone has dreams, disappointments, fears.

Try to be helpful! Look out for your friends, classmates, teachers, professors, parents. Care for them! Love them (even if it's a person you don't like much. You don't know what she is facing)!

And I promisse that your life will change, and peoples' lives will too!

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