How make miss the maded and forgotted phrases. How wanted to chose what i did, yeah i did, what i did in the past.
Know i wanted the only love some1 gave me the chance to recieve.
Crazy like you, i am and actully "we got to" pray to heaven's dont let us loose yourselfs to the costum habit dibble" by those that maded what wanted with generations and traditions maked by old A native village".

I say. maybe we got to leave mine sentimental side, then talk about the other act of love.
i would dance for you, on top of things or out of clothes. would show you what i learned, i guess i get away a little.
I want make you feel, it is, yeah, i believe that is what is on me. Seems like what make more sense, like obvious.
Run out, way to weast, search peace, find what i want, repay with what i get, dont take´´ much more than i need. What i did to you bofer dont regard bout who i am now and what i writed, disregard if it hurts your ears.
Do you forgot me?

dont know how to find the only love one day i could have. at leats i thougth it was the only one.
Was confuse me all that thing of being divert by that way and dont be private of dreaming, But now i feel that it isnt too bad and that phase passed, and what i wanted to write ended, the subject" did not sold out but i simply run.