Ok, so I've seen many articles with the theme of forming an acrostic with names and a word about certain theme and I decided to make one myself. The theme I chose was Young Justice characters, in honor of the new season and all the hype it's causing.

Note: I tried to stick to the character's name instead of their superheroe title, but there was one time in which that wasn't posible at all. Also, I tried not to include any live-action version, since not all of them have been adaptated.

Despite the weird username, my name is: Victoria


cyborg, fan art, and teen titans image dc comics, cyborg, and victor stone image
Victor Stone / Cyborg


impulse, bart allen, and young justice image Abusive image
Impulse / Bart Allen / Kid Flash


DC, fan art, and gif image wonder girl, cassie, and dc comics image
Cassie Sandsmark / Wondergirl


young justice image tim drake, bruce wayne, and dc comics image
Tim Drake / Robin III


batman, dc comics, and young justice image dc comics, oliver queen, and green arrow image
Oliver Queen / Green Arrow


animated, dc comics, and speedy image Arsenal, dc comics, and red arrow image
Roy Harper / Speedy / Red Arrow / Arsenal


anime, cartoon network, and DC image couple, flash, and kiss image
Iris West-Allen


artemis crock and young justice: outsiders image Abusive image
Artemis Crock / Artemis / Tigress

I hope you enjoy it!