Dear you,
water is something NO ONE can live without, it's our duty to save this incredible gift for the next generations!
Here are some easy habits you should get used to (I did so you can too!)

Let's save the planet!

1. Turn off the water when you do the shampoo

When you have a shower it's obvious that you have to use the water, but why do you keep letting the water flow even when you don't use it? If you're doing your shampoo, your body (and your hair) is already wet! I always turn on the water again after the shampoo and the temperature isn't affected by that "pause".

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2. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth

It's obvious you need water to clean your teeth, but when you actually brush them why do you keep letting the water flow? I know that it isn't for much time, but if everyone keeps letting the water flow, one day we will run out of this inestimable good!

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3. Reuse the filthy water

Obviously you won't reuse the water to have a bath, but what about watering your plants/flowers with that reject?

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in case you were interested ;)