A ... A star is born

quotes, star, and a star is born image a star is born image Image removed Image removed
"When the sun goes down and the band won't play, I'll always remember us this way."

B ... Boyhood

ethan hawke, movie, and richard linklater image boyhood ellar coltrane image quotes, love, and couple image boyhood and Mason image
"Can't we just enjoy what we have while we have it?"

C ... Charlie's angels

movie image charlies angel image drew barrymore, food, and funnny image 50s, aesthetic, and alternative image
"I hear birds can't fly this high. I hear only angels can."

D ... Devil wears Prada

movie, the devil wears prada, and gabbana image icon and meryl streep image movie image stars image
"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!"

E ... Ex Machina

comic, future, and futuristic image actor, alternative, and film image alternative, films, and frustration image cyberpunk, film, and futuristic image
"If you are gonna exist, why not enjoy it?"

F ... Forrest Gump

Image removed forrest gump, movie, and tom hanks image forrest gump, bird, and child image tom hanks, film, and forrest gump image
"I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is."

G ... Gone girl

blonde, hair, and grunge girl image Image removed Ben Affleck, cinema, and cool girl image Image removed
"We complete eachother in the nastiest, ugliest possible way."

H ... Home alone

Image by ✨𝑀𝒶𝓇𝓎𝒶𝓂✨ home alone, Playboy, and Macaulay Culkin image christmas, movies, and home alone image home alone, pizza, and gif image
"This house is so full of people, it makes me sick!"

I ... Inglorious basterds

brad pitt, inglourious basterds, and movie image inglourious basterds and christoph waltz image inglourious basterds and melanie laurent image Image removed
"Are you so used to the Nazis kissing your ass, you forgot what the word "no" means?"

J ... Johnny English

Image by Alice art, beautiful, and black image Image by Alice movies image
Do you or do you not have tattooed on your bottom the words, "Jesus is coming – look busy"?"

K ... Kill Bill

kill bill image quentin tarantino and movie image kill bill, quotes, and movie image kill bill, uma thurman, and lucy liu image
"It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that I'm sorry. But you can take my word for it, your mother had it comin'. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting."

L ... Lives of others

actor, aktor, and the lives of others image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It actor, das leben der anderen, and aktor image
"Actors are never who they are." "You are. I've seen you on stage. You were more who you are than you are now."

M ... Matrix

aesthetic, computer, and future image people and smart image Dream, subtitles, and The Matrix image matrix, Neo, and trinity image
" I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life."

N ... Notebook

love, the notebook, and couple image rachel mcadams, ryan gosling, and allie hamilton image allie, couple, and fave image love, the notebook, and quotes image
"So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday."

O ... Once upon a time in Hollywood

Image by Alice Image by Alice Mature image Image by Alice
"My hands are registered as lethal weapons. We get into a fight, I accidentally kill you. I go to jail." "Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It’s called manslaughter."

P ... Pulp fiction

pulp fiction, music, and song image funny and pulp fiction image movie image pulp fiction, movie, and ketchup image
"That's when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the f**k up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence."

R ... Reservoir dogs

quentin tarantino and reservoir dogs image reservoir dogs and quentin tarantino image quentin tarantino, reservoir dogs, and young image Abusive image
"Eddie, if you keep talkin' like a bitch, I'm gonna slap you like a bitch."

S ... Shawshank redemption

Image by Sara El-dabour inspiration, words, and the shawshank redemption image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
"The funny thing is, on the outside I was an honest man. Straight as an arrow. I had to come to prison to be a crook."

T ... Theory of everything

stephen hawking, the theory of everything, and oscars 2015 image the theory of everything image movie, eddie redmayne, and Felicity Jones image arts, blue, and science image
"There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. However bad life may seem, while there is life, there is hope."

U ... Under the tuscan sun

love, quotes, and stupid image film, movie, and quote image under the tuscan sun image Diane Lane, italy, and movie image
"Life offers you a thousand chances... all you have to do is take one."

V ... Vicky Christina Barcelona

lesbian, kiss, and red image movie, penelope cruz, and vicky cristina barcelona image vicky cristina barcelona, penelope cruz, and movie image couple, hug, and javier bardem image
"You are still searching for me in every woman."

W ... Wolf of wall street

Inspiring Image on We Heart It leonardo dicaprio, margot robbie, and the wolf of wall street image Leo, Leonardo, and dicaprio image the wolf of wall street, jonah hill, and leonardo dicaprio image
"You don’t choose who you fall in love with, do you? And once you do fall in love—that obsessive sort of love, that all-consuming love, where two people can’t stand to be apart from each other for even a moment—how are you supposed to let a love like that pass you by"

Y ... You've got mail

coffee, Meg Ryan, and new york image love, kiss, and photography image daisies, daisy, and new york city image coffee, new york, and romantic image
"But the truth is, I'm heart broken. I feel as though a part of me has died and my mother has died all over again and nothing will ever make it right."

Well these are some of my favourite movies, but on some letters there are none, because I really do not like any.

With love,