1. Moonlight

moon, night, and aesthetic image hands, couple, and aesthetic image aesthetic, asian, and couple image Image removed

2. Dangerous Woman

girl, bunny, and Halloween image tattoo, nails, and Playboy image Image removed girl, shadow, and bunny image

3. Be Alright

aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image Image removed angel, innocence, and pure image light, hand, and magic image

4. Into You

purple, sky, and pink image clarity, editing, and filter image aesthetic, Dream, and holiday image sky, purple, and sunset image
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5. Side to Side

sci-fi, exercise, and prey image empty, equipment, and sci-fi image machine, exercise, and prey image space station, Treadmill, and exercise image

6. Let Me Love You

rose, flowers, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, bed, and indie image aesthetics, photography, and style image

7. Greedy

rose, shadow, and pink image money, pink, and grunge image hands, pink, and Relationship image Temporarily removed

8. Leave Me Lonely

Abusive image boy, aesthetic, and sad image Temporarily removed sad, quotes, and tears image

9. Everyday

love, grunge, and door image couple, love, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed fashion and style image

10. Sometimes

girl, tumblr, and sleep image buildings, dark, and grey sky image bed, black, and eyes image hands, aesthetic, and dark image

11. I Don't Care

Image removed Mature image aesthetics, camo, and money image emo, old, and old tv image

12. Bad Decisions

eyes, black, and green image boyfriend, couple, and blur image blur, classy, and cyber image alternative, cyber, and ghetto image

13. Touch It

boy, bed, and body image aesthetics, couple, and gucci image shadow, aesthetic, and sun image Image by ℒŮℵẴ

14. Knew Better/ Forever Boy

tumblr, aesthetic, and girls image hands, aesthetic, and dark image couple, love, and Relationship image aesthetic, alternative, and black image

15. Thinking Bout You

white, lastnight, and fireworks image dark, light, and white image beautiful, cannes, and holiday image happy new year, tomtebloss, and 2019 image