Hi! I make this article for you to know me better. Hope you will like it =)

what I look like

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I have short ,brown and curly hair,brown eyes,i'm short and my brother always put her harm on my shoulder for make me mad! I have like my friends say '' a vampire skin '' i mean i'm white!


Image by Sony Domm Image removed aesthetic, denim, and clothes image aesthetic, earring, and gold image
I have a lot of black clothes and jackets like too... much(I LOVE JACKETS). I have a ''normal'' style i think! But all my friends have like an obsesion with what i wear!


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Black, i love black it's simple and pretty.


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introverted, really anxious in general, quiet, smart, my friends say that i'm from a nother planet!


art and jeans image aesthetic, alternative, and books image write, fingers, and hands image tv and vintage image
Art, drawing, reading, movie, i love a lot of other thing too...


travel, trip, and canada image canada, canadian, and july image beautiful, canada, and green image bus, canada, and montreal image
Canadien and i have nothing to say about that fact !


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I always love fruit i don't know if i will be able to survive without them!


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I love animals so much! They are so cute.