16th of july,2019.

❝ i decided to write this post since i'm on a diet this whole summer and having a healthy life and working out every day. all that i can say is it's worth it if you want to have a good body. hope this helps. ❞

› switch your breakfast.
if you have a habit of having a un-healthy breakfast like nutella,fast food or something than it would be better if you switch it.
ideas : apple,banana,fruit salad,eggs,eggs with corn.
apples and banana actually keep me really full to the point where i can't even finish my breakfast.

› drink more water.
it's important to stay hydrated while it's hot and water is the best for you. switch every juice for water. it's good for your skin + it helps with loosing weight since juices have suggar in them.

› switch your dinner.
if you like to have a night snack that isn't healthy than change that up too.
ideas : fruit salad,protein shake,apples,almonds,sunflower seeds,broccoli.

› don't eat ice cream.
i know this one can be hard but for me personally it isn't i just cutted it out of my habits. i haven't had ice cream in more than 2 weeks. ice cream has a lot of sugar in them so you gain more weight.

› start working out.
even 30 push ups can make a difference if you put it into your habits. i've been working since 21.6. and i already have a flat stomach, it still needs work but it's flat. you can do it. find your motivation and see how fast you will see your results.

› eat more fruits.
fruits are refreshing on summer, especially watermelon. always try to include 2 fruits in one day.


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