bye bye fringe!

6 hairstyles for outgrowing bangs:
  • headband
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soft fabric, hair up/down
easy instant hairstyle with almost no effort. using soft fabric makes long-term wear painless. can wear hair up, loose, or braided.
  • clips
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middle parted
jazz up bobby pins with interesting arrangements, or use fancy flip clips. a straight middle part looks professional.
  • top knot
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clipped or tied
fast & no fuss. keep up top with bobby pins or a hair tie. gives any outfit height.
  • rooted
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braided middle
use a comb for even side parts. braid your bangs tight in place & loosen the rest.
  • rolled up
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middle parted, rolled, & side clipped
roll bangs bit by bit into a side strand, single or double. secure plainly or with statement accessory.
  • side crown
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tie a loose, messy braid for a boho vibe, or make a tight smaller braid for a cleaner look.