Hey hearters! We are LOVING the photos uploaded by you guys with the We Heart It filters, but did you know there are even MORE ways to make your photos look killer?! Yep, we also use PicLab, Lomograph and 1967 to give our photos that extra touch of fabulous. Keep reading to find out how!


Download PicLab now on IOS!

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Image by WeHeartItUploads
Image by Anna Dominguez

Add text
Special message you want to portray? How about a quote that really speaks to you? Add it to your photo just by adding text!

Add stickers
Our favorite feature on PicLab?! The sticker packs! Browse hundreds of cute stickers to apply to your photos. We used the "City Love" pack for the London photo.

Edit brightness, clarity, warmth, etc.
Was your photo taken on a cloudy day, but you wished it was sunny?! Add warmth and brightness to your photo before you upload!


Download PicLab now on IOS!

Download PicLab now on Android!


Download 1967!

beauty, curls, and daughter image
BKH3 Filter
Image by WeHeartItUploads
CLR3 Filter
weheartitfilters image
RNB3 FIlter

This powerful photo editing experience is inspired by 64 vintage photo films -- and you’re going to love it. Not only does this app have a ton of filters and super cool effects like light leaks, but it also has 55 amazing color presets with classic old film tones.

Download 1967!


Download Lomograph NOW!

Image by WeHeartItUploads
Leto Filter
Image by WeHeartItUploads
Malina Filter
Image by WeHeartItUploads
Zenit Filter

Make your photos look like they’ve been taken on a 1960s film camera. Lomograph is seriously the best app when it comes to unique vintage looking photos.

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You know how much we love our We Heart It filters. We've told you all about the Blush filter, but there are so many other gorgeous options you can use for your images. Your We Heart It feed is about to be glowing.

How to edit:

  • Open your We Heart It app (if you're not already there)
  • Click on that pretty pink “plus sign” button at the bottom of your screen
  • Choose a photo from your camera roll
  • Crop the image to exactly how you want it to appear in your feed
  • Scroll through the filters and select the filter you'd like
  • Upload and admire your beautiful photo
Image by WeHeartItUploads
Tonic Filter
black and white, girl, and sea image
Hepburn Filter

So go ahead, download the apps and play around with your photos! Be sure to tag your images with #WeHeartItFilters so we can see what you create!

*All apps are owned by We Heart It