Another week has passed, and here we are. As you saw the title of the article i'm going to be doing a BTS tag, so if don't like BTS don't keep reading, or read, I don't know. Actually I was planning another article for today, but I needed to do something to write this article and you know, I got lazy so... Let's just begin with the questions.

1º Question: First Song
Not Today

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2º Question: Song that made me stan
Ah... Not Today?

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3º Question: First Bias
Kim Taehyung

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When I first saw Not Today, V just caught my attention, I went like 'OH MY GOD, he is the most handsome man i've ever seen in my life', so he was my bias for a while.

4º Question: Current bias
Mr. Park Jimin

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When I started knowing BTS deeply, about their personalities I thought I have some things in common with Jimin, so he is my current bias since then.

5º Question: Current bias wrecker

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I am constantly wrecked by BTS, it's hard not to be wreked by all of them, even by Jimin.

6º Question: Ships
Jikook and Yoonmin

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I don't take this 'ship' thing too seriously, like in a romantic way, I just think their friendship are cute.

7º Question: Favorite song

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I love all of them, but I have to say that Outro: Tear and So What turns me on.

8º Question: Favorite choreography

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My favorite coreography is Fire. That 333 dance... wah... (if you don't what the 333 dance is, it's in the gif)

9º Question: Favorite MV
Blood Sweat & Tears

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Wah... this video... it has everything: visuals, aesthetic, the choreo, killing parts... 'sigh'.

10º Question: Favorite album
Love Yourself 轉 'Tear'

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BTS has only 3 albums, all of them are amazing, each has a different style of music, but the one that fits more my taste in music is Love Yourself 轉 'Tear'

If you still here, thank you for reading and if you've been sleeping in BTS, please don't, give them a try and if you don't like it, it's okay, but don't throw hate in those who like because this is disgusting. I hope you liked. See u next week.