Hey darling,

here is a letter to you as a review of our -I am pretty sure, crazy- road trip. So just for you, I collected some of our biggest moments and memorys.
Have fun, love ya. <3

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Well I made some promisses for the new year,that I think came reality. So, check. Also got a new phone and ate to much fast food with a bestiii which I also photographed sometimes, 'cause I love photographing and she is a model. Moms birthday.
February & March
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I don't know in February & March nothing that special happend, so I could reminde of. [lol] Just school, school, school. oh and I got sick and my brother got 20 gosh to old boys and girls. [another lol] Spring came. [Isn't spring pretty?]
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Found some easter eggs, met one good, old friend and also fell in love. [I think it was in April or May I don't really know]
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Had an internship. Met new people, who are really cute.
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Well... went with my grade to Great Britain and came close to the girl I fell in love with.[short outing I am bisexuell] Also came close to an friend which is now one of my faves. Summer came, I hate summer. [lol]
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Yay, summer holidays and I got a girlfriend. Visited my grandparents. [who saw that coming?] Also went to my grand-cousin, we ended up in a fight. [well...] [ spoiler : about the quote, I thought to much and made it worster than it was, for me]
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I hate to say that, but she broke up with me.[I hate it, because I also wanted to break up with her, but I thought we could get that. But nope and than it was like: I am still in love with her, but it wasn't like that ya'll know] [to much talk Ik] Also between Juli and August I found We Heart It [still love it] and changed some things in my room, needed differents and new, 'cause I felt uncomfortable. School starded, whup 10th grade. And dads birthday. Began to draw more again. [still do]
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Put my head deep into school stuff, needed a break from life and thinking. Consentraded on fall. Thankfull for one of my bestiiis that she was there for me, all the mother fucking time. [we where friends,but London made use closer bestiiis] Also after school starded over, I got closer to some other girls who are such prettys and also thankful for. A friend told me to go to his batminton club so I did. MKTO, one of the cutest bands got back with a new single [happy af]
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Some days I just felt like dead inside. October felt boring, just hanging on school days with the deep talk, girls and tears in my eyes. Met more people [ 'cause of batminton] and also went on halloween with two of them walking around with wine. Another friend celebraited her birthday on some horror escape room. [i can't stand horror.] It was pretty not funny.
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Well the winner of the 'boringest' month is ... november. I can't rember that something awesome happend, just school and batminton and friends and food. [ food is legen.. wait for it... dary legendary! ] Oh.. and 'cause november is boring: I don't know when, but I also found out that one of my favourit singers is doing a tour and next year she is in germany, I am still freaking. NAO i love your music!! [well I guess after reading this February and March where more boring then November, sry November XD]
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Was on a weekend trip with the batminton team, had some chill talkes. Went to a brithday with cocktails and an old friend, her brother was there to.[which offert me that he and I could date next year, but he is my good friends brother and to old, yes I had a crush on him but not anymore so let's put that away] Yesterday I met one of my bestiiis, than drove home and since evening 30th december till early morning today [2 am] I am writing. [right now]. Ehm... also on 17th I got 16, well who forgets to write about her birthday, totally me. Christmas was great to.
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So, how you can read, I am sitting here and writting on december 31st a letter to you, dear darling, sweetie po. Just to tell you that this year with you was crazy , totally awesome and incredible.
When I could, I wouldn't live this year again, no thanks, I felt so much pain. But I also wouldn't change it, 'cause this year, like every other year, thought me so much. And to don't let the past play to much in my present and futur cards I am saying right now and right her goodbye to close this and begin with all my new knowledge 2019.
You where one hell of a year, thankfull smoshes and goodbye forever 2018. [it's like a say thank you to myself, lol]
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PS: Welcome 2019, we already expected you and we hope you will be legen... wait for it...