1 - Aries

dress, fashion, and red image Image by Mama girl image lipstick, red, and aesthetic image

2 - Taurus

fashion, dress, and black image makeup, gold, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It flowers, sunflower, and yellow image

3 - Gemini

a-line prom dress, custom bridesmaid dress, and blue bridesmaid dress image make up, makeup, and eye image hair, girl, and blonde image rings, fashion, and jewelry image

4 - Cancer

dress, fashion, and flowers image nails and beauty image girl, makeup, and beauty image ring, blue, and jewelry image

5 - Leo

dress, fashion, and style image accesories, expensive, and girly image fashion, girl, and gorgeous image makeup, eyes, and glitter image

6 - Virgo

fashion, lace dress, and homecoming dress image Image by amyscameraroll shoes, fashion, and heels image Image by Sony Domm

7 - Libra

dress, fashion, and pink image chic, clothes, and hipster image red hair image lips, freckles, and beauty image

8 - Scorpio

Image by Mouna DramaQueen shoes, fashion, and black image aesthetic, grunge, and hipster image makeup, beauty, and eyes image

9 - Sagittarius

dress image 1940s, aesthetic, and peggy carter image shoes, fashion, and black image black, lips, and aesthetic image

10 - Capricorn

dress, fashion, and flowers image nails and gold image beauty, classy, and fantasy image makeup, eyes, and beauty image

11 - Aquarius

dress, fashion, and blue image glitter, eye, and makeup image hair and hairstyle image rings, stars, and gold image

12 - Pisces

dress, fashion, and green image hair, hairstyle, and brunette image beauty, earrings, and piercing image makeup, eyes, and beauty image