"You're almost 18, do it yourself"
My mom says as I'm standing beside her with my doctors number dialed in my phone and my hands shaking.
I can't. It's not that easy for me.
I'm not normal.
I don't feel like it.
Explaining what's going inside my head is hard.
It gets even harder when you have to explain it to the person who gave you life.
There's always this pressure on you that you're all grown up and you have to do everything yourself. Your parents saying that they won't call the doctor for you. You have to do it yourself.
But i don't function like that.
It's not as easy for me so please mom just do it for me.
My mom asks me why didn't i attend the party that every other normal teenager my age did.
Why am i always so unsocial.
Why can't i be like them.
Why can't you be more like her.
Why can't you be normal.