(AU pre infinity war)

♥ basic info:

birth name: cordelia holmes
nickname: deedee, delia, bubbles.
hero name: not decided yet.
birth date: march 31
birthplace: new york, new york.
age: 18
occupation: student, avenger.

♥ powers:

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power and knowledge replication, shapeshifting.

♥ appearance:

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height: 1,75 m
eyes: usually blue but can change to every color.
hair: naturally ginger, sometimes she goes blonde or brunette. She can change her hair any color she wants but her favorite is blue.

♥ style:

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lots of denim and blue.

♥ personality

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"he looked at me like i was stupid. i'm not stupid." - hamilton by lin-manuel miranda

positive traits: ambitious, hard-working, loyal, open-minded, opinionated, intelligent, passionate, forward-thinking, great leader, is capable to take risks, competitive.
negative traits: impulsive, passive-aggressive, bossy, superiority complex, rebellious by nature, competitive, imprudent. always thinks she's the best or the worst, there's nothing in-between.

"Rules are meant to be broken"

♥ interest & skills

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likes: movie marathons, eating popcorn until her stomach hurts, spending time with her friends, transforming into other people, basically using her powers to make pranks, musicals, quoting movies and songs, watching memes, arguing with people, Mexican food, shitty reality shows,
hates: long boring events, not being able to speak her mind out, sugary candy, crowds, losing her favorite shows because she has to save dumbass humans.
skills: is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, hand-to-hand combat, control of her own powers, good trainer and teacher. Very good at science.

♥ family and friends

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she had no family, so she made herself one.

Her family is not traditional, she actually has no biological parents and her adoptive dads were killed, so now she lives at the avengers' tower with her new family: tony stark, steve rogers, natasha romanoff, clint barton, bruce banner, bucky barnes, wanda maximoff, happy sabathia, genevive ross and lin hao.
Also, her best friends are michelle jones, peter parker and ned leeds.