Guys, I don’t know how it happened but I’ve recently hit 1k followers( and counting) 😭. I was literally shaking last night after work from seeing all the notifs 😳. I can’t believe this small personal/fandom account of mine can grew this big. WeHeartIt is a place where I can get away from, it’s a healing place for myself. So I was shook, that so many people actually liked and followed my photography collection that I have started 3 years ago. But I also wanna thank all my followers from all of my collections ☺️💜. Can anyone tell me how I’ve suddenly gained so much? I still can’t believe that my love for travelling, kpop, quotes and fashion is reaching so many people!! I wanna thank @pompous_ for all the aesthetic vintage pictures, and all the exposure I’ve got last night! As for all my followers thank you guys so much 😭❤️. I love you all 💋❤️