Today is the 1st Sunday of Advent! I am so happy and I am so blessed to have an opportunity to prepare for Christmas through We Heart It. I thank God for a chance to write articles on We Heart It. It is definitely one of the great ways to connect more with followers and people who maybe don't follow me but read some of my articles. I thank God for each of you. I thank God because you are you. I thank God because each of you is precious.

advent, Catholic, and christian image

1st Advent = HOPE

I am happy to tell you that we have hope, that our hope is alive, that our God keeps His promises and that we are preparing for Christmas. Christ's birth. One of the most warmest times of the year. Presence of baby Jesus. Warmth in our hearts. Fire in our hearts. Love in our hearts. He who has taken our sins to free us, He who won death, He whose next arrival we are waiting. He = our hope. He = Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus = the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Be happy, be free, live your life the best you can, BUT live it with God. God will set you free, just let Him in your life. Try to understand and try to know the meaning of Christmas (it is much more than we think and see). Seek and pray for grace of Christmas in your heart and the heart of your family.

God bless you!