name: Sophia C.
birth: 26 october 1997
zodiac: Scorpio


body, fit, and fitness image hair, nails, and beauty image makeup, blue, and eyes image beauty, girl, and nails image
just how i am: athletic, brown eyes (i rarely do makeup but when i do i use my house colours), curly brunette hair and petite

Blood status

harry potter and halfblood image
halfblood: mom is into magic but dad isn't


blue, crow, and fandom image harry potter, ravenclaw, and blue image
blue, silver and brains: that's me


book, library, and study image light, girl, and hair image Image by Leah. Temporarily removed
loony, bookworm, artist, bohemian, mystical, LOYAL, short-tempered, sarcastic, active


Temporarily removed
9 inches, cherry wood and unicorn hair core


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
horse: nobility, loyalty, strength


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character, poster, and series image character, edit, and fandom image harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image
my gang are the marauders (specially sirius) but i would also spend quite a bit of time with luna since we're from the same house and share our weirdness. hermione would be my study pal

Favourite subjects

charms and hogwarts image Temporarily removed
i'd love them all but specially charms and history

Favourite places

christmas, harry potter, and hogwarts image hogwarts, library, and potter image harry potter image ravenclaw, harry potter, and hogwarts image
the great hall, the library, the astronomy tower and my common room

Love interest

harry potter, movie, and remus lupin image character, poster, and series image harry potter and remus lupin image boy, city, and hipster image
remus lupin, i've loved him ever since i read the books when i was little

Amortentia smells

beach, ocean, and sky image flowers, tree, and pink image nature, vintage, and white image Image removed
salty water, fresh flowers, forests, washed clothes, new books
thank you so much for reading, i really dream about this all the time, which is why it's 100% accurate to myself... just a bit more magical