So, we are so close to Christmas and it doesn't matter that are 24 between us and that special night :v the time has gone so fast :c we should start to saying godbye to 2018.

But while we're doing that xD I'm gonna say my favourite songs to listen in Christmas. While you decorate your tree or cooking the dinner :3 enjoy it.

Let's start /u/

1. Do they know it's Christmas? Band Aid 1984
Do they know it's Christmas? Band Aid 2014

band aid image band aid image
Both versions are beautiful <3 all we need

2. Winter Things, Ariana Grande.

christmas, winter, and winter things image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Hahaha and I don't have anybody :''v

3. Last Christmas, George Michael.

Temporarily removed 80's, freedom, and george michael image
For my father <3

4. Thank God It's Christmas, Queen.

snow, winter, and light image band, Queen, and Freddie Mercury image

5. Beautiful Christmas, Big Time Rush.

Image by Liss Tommo
I don't care what you have to say xd i didn't ask you

6. Blanca Navidad, Eterna Navidad.

Temporarily removed winter, snow, and christmas image
Esta en español :v pero aún así escuchala <3

7. Shake up Christmas, Train.

Temporarily removed song image
so many years ago I had to learn it for english class xD

8. Los peces en el río, Eterna Navidad.

aesthetic, alternative, and art image snow and winter image
En mi país, si no la cantaste en la primaria que oso :v

9. Carol of the bells.

bells, christmas, and jingle image christmas, snooppy, and jinggle bells image

And that's all folks :3 hope you enjoy the last month of the year <3

Buenas noches, nos leemos luego c:

Moar here xD

-Liss Ü