Hey! Wow, two articles in one day look at me go! I love doing these type of articles, and I saw a lot of these going around on weheartit so I obviously had to do it.
I think my next one is going to be if I were a witch so stay tuned.

inspired by:

Name: Aleena- meaning fair, good looking in Celtic


hair, moon, and purple image black, curls, and dye image Temporarily removed Image removed
Dark purple


makeup, flowers, and beauty image beauty, chic, and cosmetics image makeup, eyes, and orange image Temporarily removed
yellow eyeshadow with black eyeliner and red or a nude lipstick


Image removed Image by Traceyanne McCartney freckles, girl, and smile image Image removed
light purple eyes, pale white skin, and freckles all over my nose


dress, stars, and fashion image dress, fashion, and gold image dress, fashion, and gold image Image removed
either yellow or gold flowy dresses


Temporarily removed Image removed
White wings that look like leaves


door, forest, and green image adventure, forest, and nature image Image removed bedroom, cabin, and home image
a little house in the trees


angelic, dreamy, and healing image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
healing and talking to animals