(G)I-DLE is the newest girl group from CUBE Entertainment. They made their debut on the 2nd of May with their mini album 'I Am'.

The group's name was decided through an in-house open competition within CUBE. One of the other constestants for their name was Purple Rose. (G)I-DLE means that 6 individuals were put together in 아이 (I) and were bound by the plural 들 (DLE).

The other meaning, children, relates to their fandom name Neverland. Neverland being the imaginary land from Peter Pan only children can enter and were they stay young forever. It's a promise (G)I-DLE will never change and will forever be with their fans.

Jo Miyeon (01.31.1997): Something that is often discussed about Miyeon is her time as a YG trainee and her being one of the debut members of Blackpink

Minnie Nicha Yontarak (10.23.1997): She is one of the three foreign members, in her case from Thailand

Seo Soojin (03.09.1998): Soojin was a pre-debut member of Vividiva under the name N.A

Jeon Soyeon (08.28.1998): Leader. She composed, arranged and wrote the lyrics to her solo songs and the group's songs. She participated on the first season of Produce 101 and on Unpretty Rapstar 3

Song Yugi (09.23.1999/08.14.1999*): Chinese

Yeh Shuhua (01.06.2000): Maknae, Taiwanese

Music Video

*Yuqi's Lunar birthday